Can I search for more than one driver at a time?

Yes. You can search for multiple drivers at one time by using various parameters. To search for more than one driver, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Administrative Suite.
  2. Select Find Multiple Driver.
  3. The next page will contain multiple parameters you can choose to narrow your search. If you would like to search for drivers based on group, select the required groups from the list. If a specific group is not needed, check the All Groups box.
  4. Select to search for primary drivers, secondary driver, or both.
  5. The third step allows you to filter based on the training assigned to the drivers. Select your filter preference and click Select Courses to view all of the available courseware for filtering.
  6. Once you have selected your parameters, click Continue.
  7. The next page will contain a list of drivers that meet your search parameters.

Once you have your list, drivers can be selected for further actions such as edit, remove, resend login information, etc.

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