What types of reports are available?

There are 5 different reports available to administrators, depending on your training program:

Module Based Program and/or Hazard Perception Evaluation:

  1. Training Course Statistics is the most commonly used report. This report provides a driver-by-driver breakdown of courses assigned, launch dates, due dates, and completion status. This is useful to administrators since it shows if drivers have completed training, and when.
  2. Test Score Report assesses how trainees are performing in their training programs. It shows which drivers have attempted a specific course, and if they successfully completed the course.
  3. Overdue Lesson Report provides a list of non-compliant trainees. It lists the driver’s email address and specific training in which they are overdue. This report is a great tool if a communication is required for non-compliant drivers.

Hazard Perception Evaluation only:

  1. Risk Level Report is a high level summary of each risk level group and the group's performance in each core competency. The report is helpful in understanding your company’s overall risk breakdown.
  2. Assessment Results Report is summary of overall company performance for the HPE, with ranked targeted training prescriptions.

MotorMind only:

  1. MotorMind Report provides three different reports in one. The first is a high level summary of the overall driver performance. The second is a driver-by-driver breakdown of the MotorMind lessons, including launch dates, dues dates, and completion status. The third similar to the second, only with a breakdown of the subsequent assigned Targeted Training modules.
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