How do I run a Test Score Report?

The Test Score Report is used to see which drivers have attempted a specific course, and whether or not they were successful.

  1. Log in to the Administrative Suite.
  2. Click Training Tools on the taskbar on the left-hand side of the screen, then click Test Score Reporting.
  3. Select the course you would like a report for from the scrollbar, then click Go.
  4. Select the group(s) of drivers to be included in the report.
  5. Select the lesson(s) to be included in the report.
  6. Select the number of results returned. You may specify the number of results, or you may choose to have all test results returned.
  7. Select how you want your results sorted by choosing an option from the scrollbar.
  8. Select the driver type (primary/secondary) to be included in the report.
  9. The final selection consists of date parameters. To ensure you include all of the due dates possible, set the parameters to the widest date range possible. If you’d like to narrow the selection you can, but it is not recommended. If you do so, you will be unable to see future due dates that are outside of the date range selected.
  10. Click Run Report.

A list will be generated showing employee name, employee ID, trainee group, passing grade, date grade was achieved, high grade, and number of attempts. You may click Print Report or Download to Excel to keep a copy of the report.

Keep in mind, trainees who are not listed on this report have not attempted the lesson. Trainees with a failing grade will be highlighted in red for reference.

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