How do I run an Overdue Lesson Report?

This report generates a list of drivers that are overdue in their training, and it is a great tool if a communication needs to be sent to non-compliant drivers. To run an Overdue Lesson Report, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Administrative Suite.
  2. Click Training Tools in the taskbar on the left-hand side of the screen, then click Overdue Lesson Reporting.
  3. In the first parameter, identify the lesson you would like to include in the report from the scrollbar, then click Go.
  4. Select the group of drivers to be included in the report. To select all groups check the box labelled all drivers.
  5. Choose the lesson(s) to be included in the report.
  6. To generate a report showing any overdue lessons regardless of how overdue they may be, select 1 to 999 days overdue.
  7. Select the driver type (primary/secondary) to be included.
  8. Select how you want your list arranged (last name/group name).
  9. The due date filter will allow a view of overdue lessons between two specific dates. To generate a report showing all overdue lessons, select the farthest date in the past as possible and the current date.
  10. Click Run Report.

A list will be generated detailing employee Name, Employee ID, Trainee Group, Due Date, Lesson, and Email. You may click Print Report or Download to Excel to keep a copy of the report.

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