I finished my training, but it doesn't appear in 'Courses I've Completed'

Once a module or course pack has been completed in full, it will automatically be listed in Courses I’ve Completed. There are two reasons why this may not occur:

1. The module is part of a course pack.

If a module is part of a course pack, a green checkmark will appear next to the module title upon completion. However, the entire course pack will not be listed under Courses I’ve Completed until all modules have been completed.

2. The required pass mark was not achieved.

Your company has set a required pass mark that you must achieve in order for a module to be marked as complete. This passmark is indicated under the module title name within the Courses I’m Required to Take dropdown menu.

If a passing grade is not achieved on the first attempt, you are able retake the module as many times as needed until a passing grade is achieved.

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