What are Targeted Training Modules?

Hazard Perception Targeted Training

Based on the results of the Hazard Perception Evaluation, each driver receives their own custom training program of defensive driver training modules. The program does not try to teach you how to drive, instead the focus is on reinforcing safe driving behavior and the need to drive defensively. The program uses full-motion real-life video footage and each training module takes only 15-20 minutes to complete.

The modules are designed to be completed at each individual driver’s own pace. Modules consists of four easy to follow steps which appear concurrently, allowing for review of the material, if necessary. The final step is a comprehensive knowledge assessment, based on the first three steps. At any point in time, if a driver navigates away from the module, they will be taken back to where they left off when they return.


MotorMind Targeted Training

Each MotorMind lesson contains a quiz, if the minimum passmark of the quiz is unmet a Targeted Training module will be assigned. The module will be assigned as its own individual lesson, outside of the MotorMind package. This Targeted Training module will include further information about the MotorMind lesson. 

The Targeted Training module will be assigned as soon as you are done the initial MotorMind lesson, with an end-of-month due date.

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