What is the President’s Message?

The President’s Message is a short custom video explaining the significance of the AlertDriving program and why your organization has put it in place; to ensure that drivers and their families are safe on the road.

The video is the first thing drivers see upon initial login to their account, and features one of the organization’s key leaders. This could be the CEO, or someone in a senior position who is recognized and respected throughout the company.

The President's Message is available with closed captions for any driver viewing the video from a desktop device. Unfortunately, the closed captions are not available on mobile devices. 

To access the closed captions, please click the "CC" button on the video. This will automatically starting showing the captions on the video. 

If you are using a device running Internet Explorer 11, you will need to download and install the flash player plugin for Internet Explorer 11 to view the closed captions option.

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