What is the Hazard Perception Evaluation?

The Hazard Perception Evaluation is a state-of-the-art risk identification tool designed to identify a fleet’s high risk drivers based on their ability to identify dangerous situations that happen every day on our roadways.

The evaluation includes a series of real-life traffic scenarios as well as multiple-choice questions pertaining to the safe operation of a motor vehicle. The scenarios present the driver with a view out the front windshield of a vehicle from the driver’s seat, as well as rear-view and both side-view mirror perspectives, which captures the dynamics of driving in the real-world.  During the Evaluation, a proprietary mathematical algorithm is running in the background, assessing a drivers’ performance in six core areas: Danger Zones, the Other Motorist, Speed Management, Space Management, Attitude, and Scanning.

Once the Evaluation is complete, the system calibrates a driver’s score, and automatically assigns each driver a custom training curriculum, tailored specifically to them.

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