How do I run a MotorMind Report?

The MotorMind Report is a group of 3 reports that range from general to line-by-line. It provides information on the MotorMind lessons and prescribed Targeted Training modules.

  1. Log in to the Administrative Suite.
  2. From the left hand tool bar, click MotorMind Tools.
  3. You will now see a parameters page that will allow you to set the specifications for your report.
  4. In the first selection you have the option to include all groups within the organization, or selected groups only. To select more than one group, hold down the control key and use your mouse to select your groups.
  5. For selection ii), the training courses available are listed and can be selected to be included in the report.
  6. Selection iii) gives you the option to include Primary Drivers, Secondary Driver, or both.
  7. Click Run Report.
  8. This will redirect you to a summary report page where you can download this information by clicking the Excel button at the top right corner.

An excel spreadsheet will automatically download to your computer. The section at the top of the spreadsheet is a summary of the search parameters, with a date and time stamp. The file has a separate sheet for each part of the report:

  1. CS Summary tab contains the same summary information that was on the initial download page. The summary includes information on the number of drivers participating in the program, levels of completion, average score for each lesson, and the top prescribed targeted training modules.
  2. CS Details contains line item data on each individual driver's MotorMind lesson completion status. This is an excellent report for administrators who need to identify compliant and non-compliant drivers.
  3. Targeted Training tab has the prescribed modules and their completion information, similar to the CS Details report.
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